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I Relied On Free Dating Services Web And It Did Not Disappoint

I have never planned on being one of those women who let their biological clocks dictate their lives. However, as I turned 27, I found myself exactly in that position. I wanted to have kids and I wanted to start having them before I turned 30, but I had one tiny problem – I was single. Absolutely, completely single.

Before that point in my life I had lived freely and happily, blissfully unaware of the problematic situation that was going to turn my life upside down. I had several serious relationships, and I figured I still had plenty of time to find and establish that one special connection with someone. And frankly, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to have kids! So you can imagine my surprise and my newfound state of shock when the realization hit me like a reproductive brick in the face. I was jogging in my neighborhood, minding my own baby-free business, when I saw the cutest little girl walking hand in hand with her mom, pigtails and all. And suddenly, a moment of clarity zoomed through my head and left behind a single thought, “I want kids.” From that moment on, everything changed.

I didn’t care for marriage and all that jazz, but I concluded that I wouldn’t mind having a partner – someone with whom I could grow old, and preferably, someone with whom I could reproduce. Alas, the general idea of having a romantic partner was not the idea that was guiding me, so I started exploring options like adoption and in vitro. As soon as my uterus started dictating the tempo of my life I knew that I had lost all of my previous theories on love and relationships. Nevertheless, I knew that I was still going to give dating a chance because I still had some time. After all, no one wants to be alone, not even women who have nothing but babies on their mind. Looking back, I’m more than grateful that I kept at least some part of my brain functional and baby-free because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t had met the love of my life.

I was never particularly into online dating sites and apps just because the whole idea of taking chemistry out of the equation and basing everything on an algorithm made little to no sense to me. I grew up on great romance novels, hundreds of rom-coms, and a whole array of pop songs, all of which shared a particular ideology: that love conquers all and that it will keep us alive. And who wants to go against the entertainment industry and famous novelists, am I right?

Faced with the obstacle of not having a partner but having a screaming uterus at the same time, I decided to throw all caution to the wind, get rid of my prejudice against dating sites, and give this modern romance a fighting chance. But in order to recognize and appreciate someone special, I knew I needed to deal with my issues beforehand. I figured if anything could calm me and make me see that my life was not going down the drain just because I was not with child, it would be other women’s experiences. Out of the many online communities I thought of using, one in particular enticed me with its name. Free Dating Services Web is not a fancy name per se, however, it sounded pretty professional to me so I went for it. I tried to avoid giving away the impression of a baby-crazed lunatic at first, but then I realized that, if I really wanted someone to help me, I had to be totally honest. After posting my problem, I found out that I wasn’t alone! A lot of women (and a few men even) were having the same issues or have had them in the past, and they felt more than happy to share their experiences and dating tips (and advice in general) with me. I learned a lot thanks to the people on this site, and when the right guy showed up, I knew I was not going to ruin everything with my baby obsession.

I’m so happy with where I am in life right now that I simply can’t help but smile all day long.

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