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Emo Chat 101: How to Talk The Emo Talk

Do you want to date an emo person, but you don’t quite know how to chat with them? Check out these 5 useful tips on how to talk that emo talk!

emo chat

The art of chatting has become one of the most important skills of our modern society. All kinds of people are spending more and more time online, searching for their potential companions via various dating sites and the case is no different with emo folks. If you’re interested in dating an emo person, you need to master the art of emo chat. In order to help you with this, we decided to share 5 simple but useful tips on how to talk the emo talk.

1. You Need To Give Them Some Space

When you start chatting with an emo person, you must not be pushy and overwhelming because you’ll scare them away. When it comes to emo dating, rules are a little bit different and you always need to have that in mind. So, don’t start flirting right away, give your emo match some time to process things. Focus on casual and relaxed conversations until they become comfortable enough to flirt with you.

2. Don’t Talk Too Much!

As we already mentioned, chatting with emo people doesn’t necessarily means you should smother them by constantly talking. Especially if you don’t stop talking about yourself. Being self-centered won’t get you far in the world of goth dating, trust us.

3. Show Your Interest

Emo people are very fragile and insecure, so the first thing you need to do is to show your interest and state that you really like them. Show that you’re truly excited about what they have to say and try to create a comfortable environment for them. Ask them to talk about their favorite bands, movies, and books. This will make them feel more relaxed and they’ll be able to open up to you.

4. Compliment Their Style

This is extremely important! As long as compliments are concerned, emo folks are just like any other type of people out there. They might not show or say this, but they love receiving compliments. So, in order to get on their good side, don’t hesitate to praise their clothing, taste in music, and overall style. They won’t giggle like a schoolgirl, obviously, but they’ll know how to appreciate these lovely gestures.

5. Don’t Be A Copycat

Goth and emo people hate being mocked and copied, so if you start chatting with them, whatever you do, don’t be a copycat. There is a big chance they’ll think that you’re being condescending and before you know it, they’ll get offended. Instead of copying their style, be original and admire their way of thinking and interests. If you want to earn their respect, being completely honest right from the start is the best possible strategy.

There you go, people, if you want to talk that emo talk, you must learn how to be completely open-minded and honest right off the bat. Any other approach will scare off these fragile and sensitive souls. We hope these useful tips will help you land a hot emo date. Good luck out there.

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