Date A Younger Guy

5 Reasons To Date A Younger Guy

A wise man once said: “Love isn’t just blind, it’s ageless”. It is a mystery then why men who constantly marry younger women are fondly looked upon while women who find themselves in the same situation have to question their status.

There is a great stigma present when we talk about cougars. In some societies and cultures, it can go to such an extent that the only way to find yourself a younger guy is to join some cougar dating sites. Although we still don’t see the end of this unfairness we decided to show some positive aspects when it comes to this matter. Here are 5 excellent examples why marrying a younger man is a great idea and not something you should be ashamed of.


1. Endless Energy

Your youthful partner is like a Duracell bunny. He just keeps going and going…he can surprise you at 10 p.m. by taking you to a club or restaurant. At first, you may think that he is crazy and that nothing can separate you from your comfy bed and your favorite show. But with a few properly placed kisses and some silver tongue coercing, you’ll be hopping into your high heels in no time. As you walk out the door, you will smile as you will remember your younger self that was going out all the time and was never in the bed before 11 p.m. That smile is for him who made you feel young again.

2. Pure fun

Spending time with someone who isn’t afraid to goof around and show his foolish side can be absolutely entertaining. When a young guy meet a cougar that likes to play video games or go to concerts he will immediately fell head over heels for her. Life should feel like an adventure and constant fun. Your juvenile match will recognize that in you and will love you for that.

3. Experience Is Sexy

You have lived your life without hesitation and regret, you traveled, read lots of books, had many loves before him. Maybe you even raised a child on your own. Some men can find your past life experiences to be an unnecessary burden to carry around, but in the minds of your young stud, your experiences are what makes you incredibly interesting and sexy in his eyes. It is the one thing that sets you apart from his previous immature relationships.

4. Experiments In Bed

This particular advice is something all youngsters are aware of. The same limitless energy that encourages younger men to stay up all night transposes like a dream to the bedroom. Be prepared for miles and miles of steamy hot sex and insane stunts that will take place in your bed. Keep in mind that you partner wanted to date a cougar knowing that your libido will keep up with his burning desire.

5. Optimistic

Younger folks, in general, tend to look at problems from the positive side. While we grow up, we lose a bit of that sanguine approach to life and we are less happy because of that. Combine your pragmatism with his optimism and you will find a recipe for perfect life in two.

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