Fashion Accessories Every Emo Owns

6 Fashion Accessories Every Emo Owns

Every time I hear the term “emo” a small zap goes through my body and memories of my late high school and early college years come pouring back from the past. Still, I remember those days with a dose of melancholy, looking from today’s perspective; they still bring out a tiny smile in the corner of my face.
While the era of broken hearts, emotional insecurity, and endless emo chat is behind me, I will never forget crazy outfit combinations we all wore. If in any case, you need a reminding or you just want to walk down the hall of your memories, here are 6 fashion accessories any former emo has most definitely owned.

1. Band T-Shirts

You were declared a music supporter only and only if you wore a T-shirt with a band name or logo on it. Knowing about some incognito bands no one else knew was an important part of being emo. The more obscure the band, the more hardcore emo you seemed. In general, T-shirts were a standard in your closet, especially if they had some random place, maxim or image on them whose meaning no one could figure out. Being complex and mysterious was a sign of your uniqueness.

2. Zip-Up Hoodie

Wearing a zip-up hoodie or any slim jacket, preferably black or anything that resembles black color will help you maintain a perfect emo image about yourself. Also, every time you felt insecure or threatened you could easily pull that hood right up over your head, and the world around you would fade. It is a type of delusional behavior manifested you only by emos and ostriches. Additionally, the pockets were an ideal place to put your hands and look even more relaxed.

3. Bracelets

They have to be rubber and they have to come in dozens. Why they got so wildly popular, I guess we’ll never know. But I do recall a part of the emo fashion consisting of carrying different colored rubber bracelets where each color represented a variety of sexual acts. By wearing a particular color, you were signaling you preference during sexual intercourse…if you had any sex at all.

4. Buttons And Belts

Emo teens love buttons as a fat kid loves candies. Most of them used to put buttons all down the strap of their messenger bag. Usually, they were band merch bought on some last concert. When we talk about belts, they were everywhere and they came in all colors. Even if you didn’t have any practical need for them your emo status obliged you to have one.

5. Tight Pants

Tight pants are probably the standard piece of clothing that defined every emo kid. It was an essential litmus paper for every teen who wanted to become an emo. Whether they were Dark Denim or simple black pants, with a little hole or slit completed the look and made you a part of all emo pictures.

6. Converse

Considered by many as ultimate shoes these babies were irresistible for the army of young and pustulous emo teens. Although they were nothing like regular skater shoes they still had that “I listen to cool music” look which any decent and respectable emo wanted to have.

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