Make Your Profile One Of The Best Instagram Accounts

5 Cool Tips That Will Make Your Profile One Of The Best Instagram Accounts Out There

These days, if you want to be socially accepted and cool, you need to dominate the social network game. It’s just the way it is. A few years back it was all about Facebook and Twitter, but now Instagram is the new talk of the town. Millions of people are turning their focus on this amazing social app. The case is no different with athletes, celebrities, and artists all around the world. So, if you’re interested in having one of the best Instagram accounts out there, check out these awesome tips and tricks that will help you achieve that particular goal.

Combine All Of Your Social Media Accounts With Instagram

In order to create one of the top Instagram accounts on the Internet, you need to connect all of your other profiles to your account. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, anything you might have. Even though this platform is pretty awesome all by itself, you still need to promote your profile in order for people to see it. Being one of those Instagram celebrities is anything but easy, so arm yourself with patience and perseverance. Connecting your accounts is crucial simply because you can use your other profiles as marketing tools. Tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers where they can find your profile and people will start following you soon.

Don’t Hesitate To Show Off Your Skills

Yes, selfies are good, but after a while, they get rather boring. Don’t get us wrong, keep posting selfies if that makes you feel good, but if you want to have thousands of followers, you need to get a little bit more creative. Nowadays, people love to see high-quality videos of people practicing yoga or working out, for example. Of course, these posts don’t have to be focused exclusively on your physique. You can upload DIY videos, your followers will love those! The thing we want to say is – don’t be afraid to show off some of your talents and special skills. These type of posts will bring you Instagram success in no time.

Tag People And Use A Lot Of Hashtags…Really, A Lot Of Them!

If you want to attract the attention of as many people as possible, you simply need to tag everyone. Not just your friends, tag celebrities, and influential users as well. Of course, make sure that your posts are high-quality first. People hate when they’re searching for a specific kind of posts and they stumble upon something that’s just not good enough. So, in order to improve your reputation, you need to post your best content and “decorate” it with as many relevant hashtags as you possibly can. Some people think that using so many tags is wrong, but when you browse through some of the most popular Instagram accounts out there, you can see that they’re all crazy about hashtags. This strategy widens the playing field, so why not use it, right?

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