Sexy Tips on How to Enjoy Skype Sexting

5 Sexy Tips on How to Enjoy Skype Sexting

Skype, alongside other platforms is the best way to have sex online, virtually with your partner. Whether you use Skype sexting, Instagram sexting, or Twitter sexting, it all helps you connect with your partner in a sexual way, so when you’re apart, that spark remains alive and you’ll still want to jump each other’s bones the next time you meet.

Take the principle that distance does make the heart and hard-on grow stronger, so it’s exactly why enticing your visually using Skype, will allow you to show your partner what they’re missing, and exactly how you are pleasing yourself in their absence. That’s pretty hot!

So many people now turn to the digital world when it comes to keeping their relationships together and sexually active. We decided to give you some tips on how you can do the same when you find yourself separated from your love, and would like to give them a special show, or enjoy in a nice long sex video session from the privacy of your room. It’s exciting and intimate and a great way to spice up your sex life. And if you don’t have a partner, find a hot username on a Snapchat or Kik sexting forum and try it out if you’re not too shy.

Script it

Before you turn on your camera, write down 5-10 things you’d love to do to your partner and then jot down dirty talking points about touching or teasing and even stripping, whatever works. Send a little note if you want to your partner before the session starts so they can get excited about what they might get from Skype sexting.

Dress up

Get into the role! If you had a BDSM fantasy then dress up in your leather boots and get out that whip, if you want to play nurse or doctor, find the props! If you love wearing your thigh highs, put them on, whatever it takes to feel sexy so you can strut your stuff in your lingerie and turn your partner on.

Set the mood

Put some candle light on, put on your favorite sex music and lighten the mood if you feel it’s too much like a performance. This is not a stranger, this is your partner who loves and adores your body, so you can let it all hang out and be natural with your self.

Create tension

Breath together on camera, look into each other’s eyes and just stare and breathe. Create some anticipation so your partner doesn’t know what you’ll do next and then use your body language to either tell them what to do, or let them know what you’re about to do. Sometimes words are useless and actions speak louder. Use your gaze.

Use toys

Get in touch with yourself, use your hands, toys, props and anything else that turns you on, to touch and stimulate yourself. You can talk your partner through what you’re doing, telling them you are imaging it’s them that’s doing it, or you can let the music set the tone. You can do a strip tease or ask for one, whatever makes you feel comfortable, just masturbate and let yourself go.

No matter how silly you feel at first Skype sexting will become fun if you just let loose and forget about being body conscious or self conscious, and don’t even think about fear. Video sex is the best sex outside of the real thing, and if you can pretend that you are together in the same room, you’ll feel like you actually are and it will connect you like nothing else. Give it a try tonight.

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