Most Instagram Followers In Hollywood

Find Out Who Has The Most Instagram Followers In Hollywood

The popularity was always the most important thing in show business and the case is no different today. However, the way celebrities gain popularity is rather different nowadays than it was back in the golden age of Hollywood. These days, it’s all about social media popularity. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three giants that are determining who is popular and who’s not. So, let’s dig a little bit deeper into the world of acting and see who has the most Instagram followers among all those actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Let’s start big! Just the way “The Rock” likes. Dwayne is, by a country mile, the most followed person on Instagram when it comes to actors. With over 87.2 million followers, this former WWE star absolutely dominates the world of social media. Not only that he’s so popular, he also knows how to use his Instagram account to entertain his loyal fans and admirers. Dwayne posts a lot of hilarious throwback photos and he doesn’t hesitate to promote his new projects like the new Baywatch movie for example.

Vin Diesel

Dwayne Johnson’s good buddy, Vin Diesel also has one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Hollywood. This legendary Fast and Furious star knows how to be witty and funny on this social network. The voice of the famous Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy has almost 40 million followers on Instagram which makes him extremely popular on the Internet. We have to say, for a tough guy, Vin posts a lot of cute and adorable selfies with his friends and family. We always knew you were a gentle soul, Vin!

Emma Watson

This lovely and absolutely stunning British actress is the most followed Instagram celebrity among her female colleagues. She rose to fame by playing the brilliant Hermione Granger in the legendary Harry Potter franchise. Later on, Emma faced some serious and more grown-up roles like her portrayal of Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Besides acting, this young lady is pretty invested in some social problems like gender equality. The number of her followers is a definite proof that millions of people all around the globe support this magnificent and powerful young woman!

Zac Efron

Well, a very few people in Hollywood are as popular as the former teenage sensation and the former star of the High School Musical. The new Matt Brody from the remake of the famous 90’s TV show, Baywatch is a true heartbreaker. He doesn’t shy away from showing off his extremely ripped body and people love him for it. He has more than 28 million followers. Pretty impressive!

Vanessa Hudgens

Since we discussed Zac, it seems rather fitting to talk about his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. Joking aside, this talented young actress is also one of the most followed people in show business. This gorgeous lady has over 25.7 million followers on Instagram. She posts a lot of glamorous selfies and plenty of goofy and cute videos. It’s safe to say that Vanessa knows how to keep her fans happy.

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