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Is Dating a Widower Better or Worse than Dating a Divorced Man?

What is the most basic difference between dating a widower and dating someone who is divorced? Well, for starters, the widower lost his significant other while they were presumably happy as a couple, while the latter has much less joyful memories of his previous partner.

But it goes much deeper than that. In case you can’t decide between looking for a guy on a divorced or widowers dating sites, here is an insight into whether widower dating is better or worse than dating a divorced man.

Similar, Yet Different

There’s no point arguing that dating widowers and divorced men is very similar on the outside. Both of these groups of men have a lot of grief around them, albeit it’s two different kinds of grieving. Furthermore, both a widower and a divorced man suffer a loss, which is yet another thing that connects them.

However, they are also very different. While a divorce is initiated by one or both partners in a marriage, that is certainly not the case with death (most of the time, at least). And just like a divorce separates not just a couple, but everyone around them, the death of a spouse usually brings people together.

And then, naturally, there’s the main difference – whereas most (if not all) marriages that end in divorce are unhappy ones, a good portion of those that end with the death of one partner were actually good ones.

Nonetheless, this is no reason to assume that just because someone’s a widower means that he had a happy marriage before the passing of his wife. Still, if he did have a good relationship while his partner was alive, it gives you a pretty good picture about his abilities to have a solid and committed relationship.

There are more pros to dating a widower: there’s no risk of his jealous, crazy or difficult ex showing up at the door unexpectedly, a widower is likely to develop a greater sense of empathy and compassion due to his previous painful experience, and you always know what kind of a relationship you’re having with a widower contrary to one where you’re dating a divorced man with kids.

The Problems

So far, a relationship with a widower seems far better than the one with a divorcee. But if you look more carefully, you’ll notice that even though it seems better, it has its own set of flaws.
For example, widowers are more prone to feeling guilty about dating or their emotions for another woman. Also, if he had a really happy marriage, you’ll have some big shoes to fill, since his expectations are likely to be higher than in most men. Finally, if he has any kids with his late wife, you never know how they’re going to accept you.

So, to recap, let’s answer the titular question. Is dating a widower better or worse than dating a divorced man? It’s better, by far. However, this doesn’t mean that dating a guy whose wife passed away is a perfect relationship from the get go, because you’ll still have many obstacles in your way until you achieve that level of connection with him and those around him.

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