Cougars From Popular TV Shows

Cougar Dating On A Small Screen: Top 5 Cougars From Popular TV Shows

Cougar dating has been surrounded by various stigmas and negative connotations ever since it became popular worldwide. However, certain movies and actresses made it look cool and totally acceptable. Remember the movie The Graduate, where legendary Mrs. Robinson seduces young Ben Braddock played by Dustin Hoffman? Of course, you do! There are plenty of movies with this particular motive, but today we’re going to pay tribute to some of the most iconic cougar performances on a small screen. Check out our list of 5 legendary cougars from popular TV shows!

Claire Danes As Carrie Mathison In Homeland

If you ask anyone from cougar dating sites who is their favorite hot mama on screen, most of them will pick Carrie Mathison. She is a rather complicated character who constantly has to deal with moral dilemmas. One of those situations is definitely the one where she decides to sleep with a young medical student named Aayan Ibrahim in order to gain his trust and get crucial intel. This is a highly controversial thing to do, but Carrie never had any problems when it came to mixing business and pleasure. We can see her making similar decisions throughout the entire series. She’s a cougar worth of your time, no doubt about it.

Charisma Carpenter As Kendall Casablancas In Veronica Mars

The gorgeous actress plays a role of a trophy wife who married the real estate big shot, Dick Casablancas. However, she only married his money, which means that she doesn’t hesitate to have fun with other men. Most of the time, those men are high school jocks and other teenage boys. Her favorite boy toy is Logan Echolls, a close friend of her stepchildren. It’s safe to say that Kendall is one foxy lady who makes cougar dating look extremely hot!

Melinda Clarke As Julie Cooper In O.C.

Since we’re talking about saucy ladies, it would be a shame not to mention Julie Cooper, the stunning cougar from the hit series O.C. After divorcing her husband, Jimmy, this troubled mama started a relationship with a multi-millionaire Caleb Nichol. However, this relationship didn’t last long and Julie found comfort in the arms of her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Luke Ward. Pretty cunning, Julie!

Mary-Louise Parker As Nancy Botwin In Weeds

Nancy is a wild suburban mom who spends her days dealing weed and having kinky sex with all kinds of young men. Yeah, just let that sink in. We’re sure you going to binge-watch the whole series after reading this article. Anyway, this TV cougar is constantly hungry for some fresh meat and she doesn’t hesitate to enjoy rough and wild sex any chance she gets. Mary-Louise Parker’s performance definitely deserves a spot on our list.

Eva Longoria As Gabrielle Solis In Desperate Housewives

You didn’t really think we forgot about the insanely hot Eva Longoria and her legendary portrayal of a naughty housewife Gabrielle Solis, did you? This TV cougar is simply too hot not to make the cut. Throughout the show, Gaby cheats on her husband Carlos, with a stunning teenage gardener called John Rowland. Eva’s steamy scenes with Jesse Metcalfe are the main reason why most men love this exciting show.


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