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Top 3 Tips To Excel At Biker Dating On Your First Try

Biker dating is a special kind of niche that requires certain skills and knowledge by anyone who wishes to find a good romantic match. Bikers are a tricky breed, and they live life by their own rules, so if you hope to enter their inner circle, befriend them and start a relationship with one of them, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find several rather important tips that will take you from a newbie to an experienced dater prepared to face any challenge they throw at you.

Tip #1: Embrace The Internet

The internet is your best bet if you want to meet local bikers. As outdoorsy as they may be, bikers are not immune to the effects that technological advancements have had on all of us, and they’ve been more than able to make online dating sites their social hubs. That’s why you need to research these sites, and find the ones that cater to bikers who live near you. Once you do this, set up a profile that will feature your photos, interests, and hobbies, including the type of biker you’d like to meet. Keep this profile fresh, and don’t be afraid to contact people on the site to see what’s out there. When you get comfortable meeting them and talking to them on the internet, take your game offline, and start actually dating biker to find the one most suitable for you.

Tip #2: Embrace The Outdoors

Mastering biker dating sites is no easy feat, and you should not expect to meet your perfect match overnight. However, once you start to reap the fruits of your labor, you’ll find yourself immersed in the biker culture, which might come as a shock that you need to prepare for. First off, embrace the outdoors and forget about watching Netflix on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. A little rain would not stop a true biker from exploring the limits of his new ride, be it Tuesday, Friday or Sunday, and the quicker you accept the fact that all the good things are actually outside, the better. You’ll need to adapt to a lifestyle that involves long rides along the coast or lakeshore all the time, regardless of the weather conditions, the time of day or seasons. In other words, if you’re not a particularly outdoorsy person, you might find yourself pushed out of your comfort zone.

Tip #3: Embrace Simplicity

Don’t expect your biker crush to take you to a 5-star restaurant for dinner even on the most special of occasions. He’ll be happy to get you a burger with fries, and unless you like good old beer, you’ll be staying sober for most of your time together. As exciting as motorcycle dating is, bikers value simplicity in life and in relationships. Grand gestures are something only seen in movies, and lavish proposals are not for their kind. You can kiss fancy vacations goodbye, and embrace staying at his buddy’s cottage with no working A/C unit in case you’re a little iffy about camping in the woods. On the other hand, when you find a biker who falls for you, you won’t just be getting a partner, you’d be getting a whole family comprised of his fellow motorcyclists ready to accept you as one of their own.

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