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5 Female Singers You Have To Follow On Snapchat ASAP

Music is, without a doubt, one of the most important things in everyone’s life. Anyone who begs to differ is a liar. Imagine a life without music. It would be a sad place, right? Fortunately for us, there are hundreds of talented musicians out there who are working tirelessly to provide us with awesome new music. Most of them are rather popular and they communicate with their fans via social media apps like Snapchat for example. Today, we’re going to focus on the ladies from the music industry and their cool profiles. So, stop searching through those famous people Snapchat accounts and pay attention to these 5 female singers you absolutely need to follow right now!

Rihanna (@rihanna)

You simply can’t search for famous Snapchat usernames without stumbling upon this huge name! The moment Rihanna broke through she managed to change the entire RnB scene forever. Even though she became a huge superstar, she remained humble and down-to-earth. If you follow her on this awesome mobile app, you’ll see that she’s a rather goofy and normal person in private life. Rihanna is just a beautiful young woman who knows how to enjoy life.

Jennifer Lopez (@jlobts)

If you’re into Latino beauties who can sing, well, Jennifer Lopez is the perfect choice for you. This legendary diva shares a lot of behind-the-scenes content you definitely need to see if you’re a fan. Also, Jennifer doesn’t hesitate to post photos and snaps of her lovely daughter and other family members. Therefore, in order to see the real Jenny from the block, make sure to add her on Snapchat.

Gwen Stefani (@itsgwenstefani)

This gorgeous singer is one of the most talented the world of pop music has ever seen. She’s 47 years old now, but she still looks like she’s 24, at least. Gwen loves posting goofy selfies and funny videos covered in various and colorful filters. When she’s not posting her own photos, Stefani usually shares videos of her adorable little boys. As you probably already know, Gwen has three sons and she loves to goof around with them 24/7.

Leona Lewis (@iamleonalewis)

Leona is one of the best British female singers and she simply loves her profession. She can’t stop singing and if you add her on Snapchat you’ll see that she sings all the time. Leona is a completely natural and relaxed gal who is always ready to have some fun with her fans and followers. Unfortunately, we don’t see a lot of relaxed and approachable famous singers these days and that makes Leona Lewis a true treasure. It’s safe to say that we need more famous people like her.

Nicki Minaj (@NickiMinaj)

This female rapper is a big name in rap music industry right now. The moment she joined Snapchat, Nicki had a staggering number of followers. She loves posting photos of herself in crazy outfits. Of course, her big booty is also a huge hit. Nicki hangs out with popular rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne, so expect to see them on her account too.

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