Things You Must Never Forget

HIV Dating For Beginners: 5 Things You Must Never Forget

Dating game is exciting but also a little bit nerve wrecking. When you meet someone new you like you begin to constantly gather ideas for conversation starters, you are wondering if you are a good match and how will your date go. However, when you have HIV dating is even more complicated. There is that awkward conversation where you have to tell your partner about your condition. Today, thanks to the Internet, there are many dating sites for people with HIV where the fact that you are positive is out in the open from the start.

Yes, with many website dedicated to HIV dating finding love isn’t difficult at all. However, there are a few things you need to know. When it comes to dating and HIV, here are some guidelines which will help you keep your head up and preserve your confidence.

Don’t act like it’s a big issue

Consider having an HIV is like having a funny birthmark (at least in the dating world). Don’t make a big deal of it. Don’t obsess over your condition and talk constantly about it. If you are comfortable in your skin, chances are your date will be relaxed too. Keep in mind that you are not your disease and never ask someone to take you out on a pity date. Be confident about who you are. If they don’t like you with all your flaws, they can hit the road.

Weed out the douchebags

You have to develop a thick skin if you want to begin HIV positive dating. Be prepared that some people will reject you because of your condition. Don’t look at that like it’s a bad thing. On the contrary, you will figure out from the very start who is not worthy of your time.

Family matters

Before you hit the HIV dating sites, make sure your loved one’s know about your condition. Those are the people who will support you no matter what, and you will need them on this journey. You will need someone to talk to about your dating life and complain if you had a really bad date. You must be comfortable with your friends and family before getting to know someone new.

Be confident

Never be with someone just so you can say you are not single. Find a person who deserves you and accepts you with all your strengths and weaknesses. Trust us, being single is always better than being with a person who judges you all the time.

Be upfront

When you are dating someone who you haven’t met on one of the HIV dating sites (so they are not aware of your condition from the beginning), tell them about your illness as soon as possible. If you tell them when you have already been dating for a while they can feel deceived. Be forward from the start al let them decide if they want to stay or leave. Even when they say they can’t handle it, don’t lose your hope. There is plenty of fish in the sea, and you are looking for that special fish which will love you for who you are.

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