how to improve your Relationship

4 tips on how to improve your Relationship

Have you ever felt like women speak the entirely different language than men? Do you sometimes have a feeling like everything you say gets misinterpreted or even used against you? Don’t worry because this is more common than you think. On the other hand, we don’t want to globalize because not every woman is the same but we can’t say that the way you feel isn’t justified either. We, therefore, suggest you read the following paragraphs because we’re convinced these can help you understand ladies better or perhaps score a hot new date on some of the free singles dating sites!

#1 Women want to feel connected

That’s right – this one is essential. Ladies always yearn some sort of a confirmation that relationship is on a solid ground so we advise you to use every opportunity to strengthen that closeness. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect your own needs but keep in mind that females always want to feel like someone is giving them attention all the time.

#2 Women want to be appreciated

If you’re already in a steady relationships or living together, do you ever take the time to think about the way she feels? Is she often exhausted or gloomy? How much do you actually help her around the house? We’re living in the 21st century and it’s pretty reasonable that partners share the work around the house, especially if both of them work 9-5 jobs so we’re suggesting you to talk about it and try to come up with some solution that will work both ways.

#3 Women want you to listen to them

Sometimes she doesn’t need you to solve her problems or try to reason with her about her fears not being realistic – she just want you to listen to her and understand about the way she feels about her problems and fears and there’s no any greater philosophy in that.

#4 Lack of sex

You might have met your partner on some of the online dating services and everything was bursting with sex vibes in the beginning but now the levels of intimacy have been significantly reduced and you feel like you basically have to force her to have sex with you.

Well, this is wrong. An empathetic approach can be a way more efficient because she’ll appreciate your wish to talk things out and she’ll also be grateful for your efforts to try to understand what’s been bothering her. Keep in mind that a good communication is practically the half solution to the problem.

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