How To Shine On Your First Date

Best Tips From Biker Dating Sites: How To Shine On Your First Date

I don’t know why we consider bikers bad boys. Actually, these guys are usually such sweethearts. They have a heart of gold and yet they seem extremely hot riding on their two wheelers. They are the best of both worlds, so it is no wonder biker dating sites are so popular these days. If you are going on a real date with a motorcycle lover, here are some top tips for you.

Pay attention to him

Maybe it can be hard to tame your wandering eye, but try. Bikers like to feel respected, so pay attention to what he says.  Try to remember details which are important to him and include them in your future conversations. He will be impressed. Ask him about his bike and his other interests. He will probably gladly talk about his “pet”, but if he talks for hours about the bike, put that fish back into the sea. If he is a gentleman, he will want to know more about you, and not have a monologue.

Terms of endearment

When you meet local bikers, keep in mind that you are still just dating. Nicknames, pet names and other terms of endearment are great – if you are in a relationship. Don’t drop them too early in the dating process, he could run for the hills.

Put your phone away

We understand that your phone can be more interesting than the majority of your dates, but be polite and pay attention to your date.  Keep your phone in your pocket, on silent.  If the guy you are on a date with is right for you, he may not be interested in you if you are always checking your Instagram.

No ex talk

Never talk about your romantic past on dates or compare guys to your previous lovers. Keep that information to yourself.

Don’t be a know-it-all

It is a good thing to project confidence and intelligence and show him your qualities, but if you act superior your biker dating is over. Keep things light and playful. Have a couple of jokes in your sleeve and try to make him laugh. The whole point of dating is to have fun, so try to relax. Bikers love easygoing women, so loosen up and have a good time.

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