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Biker Dating For Newbies: The Girlfriend Edition

Dating is hard no matter which niche you opt to explore. At the same time, we all like to rise to the challenge sometimes and embark on an adventure that could take us to a whole new world we never even knew existed. If you happen to be falling for a biker, but are not familiar with the biker culture per se, we’d like to make things a little easier and offer our advice on how to be successful at biker dating. Bikers are peculiar creatures that need special kind of care and nurturing to grow, and so do their relationships. But fear not because we’ve got just what you need to ensure this relationship goes the distance.

#1: You Better Not Be Afraid of Motorcycles

You will be riding on the back of a motorcycle whether you like it or not so it’s best if you’re not afraid of, say, high speeds, open roads and two-wheel vehicles. There is no other way around it, except to take the car, yours obviously because many bikers out there don’t own automobiles. Why would they? Motorcycles are way cooler, can’t get stuck in traffic and can be parked, well, anywhere. There may be some men out there that you could change, but not biker men, so hopefully your flexibility and adaptability are on a high level.

#2: Hope You Don’t Like Fancy Dates

A biker is very unlikely to take you out on a fancy date, be it a posh restaurant, a live performance or a high-end club. Come to think of it, a biker is unlikely to take you to a date that doesn’t involve discovering new roads or having burger with fries at a local joint down the street. It’s not the end of the world that you’ll never see the inside of the Plaza with your biker connection, but you could end up becoming a regular at the best steak house in town, which could be just as delicious. If you’re used to all things pricey, your biker is unlikely to be a good match.

#3: Embrace The Outdoors

Bikers do spend time indoors, in their garage working on their bikes. Other than that, they’re mostly on the road, rain or shine, and you’ll be expected to join them, and enjoy those rides to the fullest extent possible. Becoming a part of the biker’s world is no walk in the park, but here’s hoping you’re at least outdoorsy enough to spend most of your time together taking trips to the nearby biker spots and having fun riding in the process.

#4: Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

You can kiss nights in goodbye, which also means you can go ahead and cancel your Netflix because you won’t be needing it much. If you’re not outside alone with your biker, chances are you’ll be in one of many biker clubs having beer or watching bikers and their chicks playing pool. Bikers are very social and highly value their circle of friends, so you better get used to seeing them several times a week.

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