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4 Wrong Moves Every Biker Should Avoid On Dating Sites

The world of dating seems rather simple and straightforward most of the time, but that’s not always the case. Especially when it comes to specific niches, like biker dating scene for example. Most riders think that the fact they have mean machines is enough to land them a hot girl, but that’s not true at all. They have to put in some effort in order to impress a gal, and some of them tend to make big mistakes on this romantic quest. Check out the 4 wrong moves you absolutely need to avoid if you want to hook up with a girl on a biker dating platform.

Constantly Talking About Your Bike

The majority of men on these biker dating sites are absolutely in love with their two-wheelers. All they ever do is talk about their precious bikes and they think it’s perfectly ok to do that on a dating website. However, this type of behavior is rather off-putting and you need to avoid it at all costs. These girls want to meet you, not your motorcycle, so make sure to focus more on yourself.

Posting Countless Photos Of You With Your Motorcycle

Some dudes think that posting a thousand photos of their bike is better than talking about it with a girl on chat. Well, we have to say, it’s slightly better because you’re not directly boring them with it, but this type of spamming is also ill-advised. People will think that you have nothing to offer but your motorcycle and that is a real turn-off.

Talking Trash About Other Dudes

Trying to beat your competition is always a good plan, but you need to do that with style. Talking trash and offending other dudes behind their back is unbecoming. It will make you look childish, and trust us, girls don’t want to date immature guys. Therefore, remain classy, don’t make fun of other guys, and focus on your own qualities.

Assuming That A Girl Will Sleep With You Just Because You Have A Harley

Being confident is a very desirable trait and you should definitely try to come across as a self-assured man, but make sure not to get too cocky. Don’t assume that a girl wants to sleep with you just because you have an awesome bike. That’s just awful!

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