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7 TV Shows with Trans Men Characters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just in case you haven’t noticed it, there are many transgender roles of a more recent date that are still played by cis-gender actors and actresses. Some proved to be good at it, some not, but the fact is transgender men and women from across the globe have a burning desire to interpret trans roles as they know best how it’s like to live in a wrong body.

transgender dating

Earlier this year, they even recorded an open letter to Hollywood in which they asked producers and directors to start casting trans actors and actresses for a change. We wholeheartedly support their battle and in the meanwhile, we can take a look at these 7 TV shows who have trans men roles, some of which are played by actual trans males. The majority of these are focused on identity and sexuality struggles, transgender dating and other related issues as you’re about to see.

#1 Shameless (US version),  (2011 -) – Trevor

This series is actually a remake of a British version, and the season 9 is planned to air in 2018. The character of a transman Trevor is interpreted by a young actor, Elliot Fletcher, who actually came out in 2013 as a transgender male. His first appearance in the series was in the season 7, in which he also became a love interest of one of the main characters, Ian Gallagher.

#2 The Fosters (2013-) Cole and Aaron

Both Cole (Tom Phelan) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) are recurring actors on The Fosters, which premiered in 2013. And despite the fact that Cole and Aaron are trans, their struggles and characters don’t have so much in common. Cole, on one hand, struggles to get accepted as a transgender male, especially in the beginning, while Aaron doesn’t reveal his identity right away. Aaron is also emotionally involved with one of the main characters from the show, Callie Adams Foster.

#3 The L Word (2004-2009)  – Max Sweeney

Daniela Sea brought to life the character of Moira Sweeney in the controversial lesbian series, The L Word. Moira, at some point, decides to undergo transition and thus becomes Max Sweeney. Sea appeared in 44 episodes in total and was romatically involved with infamous Jenny Schecter. Jenny meets Moira in an Illinois clinic at the very beginning of her transition and they decide to start a relationship. Later on, Jenny leaves Max because he becomes somewhat abusive due to his regular hormone intakes.

#4 Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-2015) – Adam Torres

Adam is an FTM character played by a Canadian actress, Jordan Todosey. This transgender male had a significant time on small screens and it counts 136 episode, which aired from 2010 to 2013. Adam’s backstory goes something like this: his family moves from one town to another and Adam ends up enrolled in Degrassi Community School. He wants to move away from the transphobic environment he previously lived in, so once in Degrassi, he tries to lay low but is nevertheless exposed by one of the other characters. He’s afraid at first, but then he learns he can actually live his life here and he ultimately makes a lot of friends.

#5 Hollyoaks (1995-) – Jason Costello

Previously Jasmine and then Jason Costello is played by Victoria Atkin in this US soap opera. This character lasted only a year (given the series’ total airing time and episode count) and was a first one who dealt with gender dysphoria and then decided to transition. On the other hand, one of the subplots tackled the romance between Jason and Bart McQueen, a heterosexual man who fell for Jason when he was still Jasmine.

#6 Orphan Black (2013-2017) – Tony

In this sci-fi/drama series, Tony, who was born Antoinette Sawicki, is a transgender clone portrayed by Tatiana Maslany. This character has a criminal record but surprisingly, he doesn’t struggle with gender issues as one would expect. On the other hand, other clones from the series are going through strong identity crises but this is not the case with Tony.

#7 Faking it (2014-2016) – Noah

Once again, a trans actor Elliot Fletcher assumes the transgender role. This one is of Noah from hit series Faking it, which revolves around two best friends who at one point decide to fake being lesbians which ultimately brings them celebrity statuses. It doesn’t hurt mentioning that despite having only three seasons, the series had a solid success as it wasn’t tackling just usual high-school issues.

Have you watched any of these yet? If not, make sure to do so as soon as possible!

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