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How To Get Over Your Ex In 3 Easy Steps

Getting over a breakup is incredibly tough no matter how old you are or how long you were with a person. At the same time, life does go on no matter how hard that is to see at a given moment, and the sooner you find closure, the better. Today, we analyze the top 3 tips to get over someone in more ways than one, mostly including focusing on yourself, and when the time is right introducing ways to meet people online that are efficient and easy to implement.

#1: Do The Things You Like

Help yourself and do the things that make you happy, provided they’re constructive, don’t involve drug or alcohol abuse or any other behaviour that can end disastrously. Gardening, drawing, taking long walks, hanging our with a close friend, working out or pretty much anything that gives you joy is a great starting point on your path to healing. Even if you’re not a fitness enthusiast per se, try to find the strength to go for a jog or go to the gym because physical activity increases the production of happy hormones, something that we could all use more of no matter where we are in life, and especially when the road gets rocky.

#2: Ask For Help

This is the time to mobilize all your resources and enlist the help of all of your friends and family, be it with work, watching the kids, cleaning or any other practical stuff that looks too difficult to deal with right now. Spend time with the people you like, and forget about the energy vampires in your life that you could definitely do without even on a good day. Give yourself time to recuperate, but don’t try to do it by isolating yourself and not returning your friends’ calls. Have them over for coffee or go get a manicure together, and surround yourself with the people in your life who have something constructive and positive to say.

#3: Give Local Dating A Try

When it comes to getting back to the dating game, starting small is a good idea so you don’t feel too overwhelmed too early. In addition to going out to a bar or pub two or three times a month, open up a new and fresh profile on a free dating service of your choice to check out what’s out there when you feel ready to let someone new into your life. Taking baby steps is crucial, and so is not imposing any “musts” on yourself.

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