dating a widower

The Right (And Only) Way To Date A Widower

Dating a widower is considered to be one of the greatest challenges when it comes to romance and relationships. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. These men have lost their soul mates and life-long partners, and that made them rather fragile and sensitive, especially when they have to open up to new lovers. Therefore, if you’re a woman who wants to get involved with these unfortunate men, make sure to check out these simple guidelines for dating widowers.

Let Him Lead The Way

Unfortunately, widowers dating other women is truly a rare sight. Considering what these men have been through, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s still a sad fact. They find it hard to move on with their life and that’s exactly why you need to let your man lead the way in this new relationship. This way he won’t feel rushedinto something new.

Allow Him To Remember His Wife And Grieve

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important tips when it comes to dating a widower. You can’t expect him to completely forget his previous love life and his late spouse. This is why you need to allow him to talk about her. Don’t get jealous if he sometimes gets emotional and remembers her. Let him grieve, he will appreciate that.

Don’t Try To Imitate His Wife, Be Yourself

One of the things all widowers hate is when a new partner tries to imitate their late wife in order to be more likable. This is a horrible idea and you should avoid it at all costs. A widowed man wants to move on with his life, so you should definitely try to be someone new in his life. Therefore, always be yourself, no matter what.

Talk To Him About His Previous Life

A lot of women are afraid to talk to talk to their partners about their deceased wives. This is a completely wrong approach. Running away from his past is immature and you shouldn’t do it. If you want to earn his respect and love, you need to be ready to talk about his former partner. This way, your new companion will know that you’re not haunted by the past.

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