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You Love Celebrity Snapchats? Find Out Why

Celebrities were once gods to us, and we couldn’t get a glimpse into their lives no matter how much we wanted to. It is like they lived behind high gates and they were untouchable. However, with the appearance of social networks, they are closer to us than ever. Thanks to their Instagram profiles and celebrity Snapchats, we can see details from their private lives that we couldn’t before. We can check out what they are doing 24/7, and they don’t mind. Actually, they publish their day-to-day adventures on purpose, too boost their fame. What they do that is so appealing to us? Let’s check.

They stay in touch with their fans

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat celebrities know that we love to know every little detail from their life and talk about it with our friends or post something related to it on our social network accounts. This way they automatically increase their popularity. So, these days you can see what they had for breakfast, which spa they visited or even some behind-the-scene moments.

Why is Snapchat the best way to do it?

Well, as you know, the content that is posted on this social network disappears after 24 hours. So you can’t go over and over their pics and videos. You just have that 24 hour window to check their updates. For some reason, elusive material is incredibly appealing to us.  It is like they tease us with their posts, and we love it.

They always post new stuff

Since they know they have a bunch of followers, they post non-stop. Celebrities on Snapchat love to show us every little detail from their personal life. In the morning you can find out what they had for breakfast, in the afternoon you can see them playing with their kids, and in the evening you can see them getting ready for one of their fabulous parties. It makes you feel like Big Brother, and you can finally see that they are also mere mortals with simple habits just like you.

You feel close to them

No, they don’t eat gold and have flying unicorns in their back yard. Through their Snapchat accounts, you can see that they maybe love same cereal as you, or listen to the same music and like the same movies like you. You are practically best buds, right?

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