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3 Tips For Newbies: How To Talk To Chubby Women Online?

Several years ago, people who said they met their partner online were frowned upon. Today, this is the most ordinary thing in the world since a lot of people find love with the help of modern technology. And if you are one of the guys who love chubby girls, there are many free BBW dating sites out there for you where you can easily meet a lot of voluptuous ladies and find a perfect match. However, you still need to know how to talk to them online. Namely, you can’t use cheesy pickup lines like everyone else, or your message will get lost in the sea of similar ones. You need to stand out from the crowd and make her notice you. But how do you do that?

Starting the conversation

Find the girl you are attracted to and send her a message.  Writing a boring “Hey”, “How are you” or “Hello gorgeous” won’t get her attention. You’ll have to be more original than that. Be funny, playful and creative. Don’t send her a message she has seen a million times before. Personalize your message at least a little bit. Use some information from her profile and create your message based on that. Say something like “I saw you love animals. I have a dog named Fred and we love going to the beach and playing catch. Do you have any pets?” This way, she’ll know that you actually read her profile, and not just randomly clicked on her photo.

Honest compliments

Giving compliments in real life and online are two completely different things. In the real world, a girl will get thrilled if a guy approached her and told her she was beautiful. In online universe, on the other hand, she probably hears it every day, so you will have to be more original. Look at her pictures and design a compliment only for her. Compliment her freckles and her raid hair, or her gorgeous blue eyes. “You are cute” or “You are beautiful” just won’t cut it.

Why should she reply?

She will reply is she knows that you will have a lot to talk about when you meet each other in person. So find mutual interests and talk about them. If she sees that you are on the same page, she will gladly talk to you.

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