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Never Make These Common Workout Mistakes Again!

After spending some time alone many seniors decide it is time they meet mature singles and start dating again. However, during that solo period, a lot of them just neglect their appearance. If you are not too happy with the numbers on your scale, it is time to get moving. Nevertheless, watch out for these common workout mistakes. Not only will they slow down your progress, but you can even get seriously injured.

No stretching

Before every work out you must take time to stretch. This will reduce the risk of muscle strain and improve your flexibility.  When you gradually warm up the muscles and increase your body temperature you will less likely get hurt. Remember to stretch only after your muscles have been warmed up.

Forgetting to slow down

Like at the beginning of your work out you need to warm up, at the end you need to cool down. Finish your exercise with a light jog or brisk walk, and reserve the last 10 minutes for stretching. This helps to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness.

Working out too hard

Always keep in mind that you are not a teenager anymore. Although you have the willpower, you don’t have that stamina anymore. Seven days of cardio spiced up with weight lifting was fine several decades ago, but it’s not anymore. Training too hard or fast can easily cause sports-related injuries. Don’t worry, even if you slow things down you will soon see the results of your hard work. It is sometimes wise to consult your doctor before you hit the gym. Remember to acknowledge any past injuries to the joints and don’t put a lot of stress on them.

Not wearing protective gear

Always wear appropriate protective gear and make sure your sporting equipment is well maintained. Simple things like a bike helmet can keep you safe from serious injuries.

Forgetting to drink fluids

Hydrating is very important, especially for seniors. Since you can lose around three gallons of fluid for every hour of exercise it is necessary that you drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, cramps, heat stress and heat stroke. Drink plenty of water several hours prior to exercising and rehydrate after your work out.

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