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6 Things You Should Never Say To Senior Singles

Most young people tend to think that dating is a fun and simple activity, but once they enter the world of romance and matchmaking, they realize it’s not actually that easy. The case is absolutely the same with the older dating scene or senior dating niche, whatever you want to call it. Even though these mature individuals have a lot to offer, they’re constantly misunderstood by other, younger folks. At the same time, impressing these experienced singles is anything but simple. You have to know what to say and how to act in front of them. More importantly, you need to know what not to say and that’s exactly the thing we’re going to focus on today. Here are the 6 things you must never say to senior singles.

older dating

“Good For You! You’re Still Trying”

This is probably one of the most condescending and disrespectful things you could possibly say to an elderly person. What do you mean by “you’re still trying”? Do you honestly think that they shouldn’t try to find love just because they’re a little bit older? This is incredibly rude and you must never say this in front of a senior person. True love and romance have nothing to do with age. Everyone has the right to seek companionship, regardless of their birth date.

“What Is It Like To Be Your Age?”

Once again, these type of comments and questions are rather insulting and ignorant. By asking this, you’re basically saying that the person you’re talking to is so ancient that you can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to be that old. Trust us, this won’t make them feel good about themselves, so whatever you do, avoid this question at all costs.

“Don’t You Think You’re Too Old For That?”

Stop it right there! First of all, who are you to determine that someone is too old to do something? That is incredibly impolite! Secondly, the age is merely a number, so keep that in mind. If a person wants to do something that makes him or her happy, the age has absolutely nothing to do with that. Remember this the next time you encounter a mature individual and you’ll do just fine.

“When Will You Retire From Your Job?”

Again, this a not-so-subtle way to state that someone is rather old and you should not ask something like this, ever. A lot of mature people choose to continue working because their job, whatever that might be, makes them feel young and capable. By asking this particular question, you will only crush their spirits and ruin their confidence. Trust us, you don’t want to make that kind of a first impression on these folks. Instead, respect the fact that they’re still working and trying hard to contribute to society. It’s a very admirable thing, so make sure to show a little bit of appreciation and respect.

“You Look Good For Your Age”

This is basically a compliment wrapped up in a subtle insult. Yes, you’re saying that your date is good-looking, but only for their age, and that’s incredibly rude and offensive. If you truly want to praise their looks, simply leave out the part where you mention their age. Just say something like this – I find you very attractive and good-looking. They might feel odd and ashamed (which is cute), but trust us, they will be more than grateful for such a lovely compliment.

“You Probably Won’t Understand This, But Here It Goes…”

As we established before, being a condescending prick is not the best way to approach older people and this sentence will make you look like a total douchebag. Therefore, if you want to tell them something that you might think they won’t understand at first, be polite and don’t point out that possibility. Simply tell your story and if they have follow-up questions, be kind enough to help them understand. There’s really no need to patronize them and act all proud and superior. It doesn’t cost you to be nice and gentle with these people. Also, give them some credit, they might actually know a thing or two about the subject you’re discussing.

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