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4 Ways to Dazzle your Date With Your Body Language

When you are transgender and dating, it is not only essential what you say on your first TS date, but you also have to be aware that your body language will reveal a lot about you. Therefore, you should make sure to master feminine body language if you want to impress your date. Don’t worry; it is not as hard as it seems. Just follow these instructions, and you will do fine.

Create an S-curve with your body

If you want to look more feminine, you will need to accentuate your curves with your posture. Simply put your weight on one leg and push your hip out. However, don’t exaggerate because it can make you look very unnatural. When you are sitting, cross your legs or keep your weight on one hip.

Don’t be all over the place

Men often want to look more powerful, so they spread their legs and even put their elbows on the back of their chair. This makes them seem larger and stronger. However, you want to go in the opposite direction. Women choose a more closed position in order to look elegant. So keep your knees together and place your hands on your lap. On the other hand, you should never, ever slouch.

Don’t go overboard

Women are more expressive with their hands and bodies than men. Although they gesture a lot, you should keep in mind that your hand movements should be smooth and graceful. Therefore, don’t start waving your hands and making awkward moves. Even though many women think that twirling their hair will make them seem sexy, you will probably just look nervous. Also, avoid biting your nails or tapping your fingers.

Make eye contact

Maybe you feel nervous about your date, but you should still maintain eye contact. Otherwise, you will seem like you are hiding something. Would you like to be on a date with a person who never looks you in the eyes? You would think that something is wrong with your look, right?

By making eye contact, you will seem more approachable and confident. However, don’t overdo it. Staring can scare the crap out of them or make them think you are trying to seduce them. Therefore, hold the eye contact for two seconds and then look away.

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