Most Famous Cougars

History’s Top 4 Most Famous Cougars

If you thought that cougar dating is something new, you should know that many famous ladies throughout the history have dated and married much younger men. In case this information comes as a surprise to you, we have created a list of ladies who had a taste for younger partners.

Mary Anne Disraeli

Not long after her first husband died, Mary Anne fell for one of Queen Victoria’s favorite Prime Ministers, Benjamin Disraeli, who was 12 years her junior. He married her for her money, and the wealthy widow was a great asset to his campaigns. However, he soon started developing genuine feelings for her and even convinced the Queen to give her a noble title.

Maria Fitzherbert

Before he became King of England, Prince George of Wales fell head over heels for six years older Maria Fitzherbert, a Catholic widow. After seeing her at the opera, he was so smitten with her that he, allegedly, even threatened to commit suicide if she didn’t marry him. Although they wed in 1785, their marriage was illegal, since he wasn’t allowed to choose a bride without the monarch’s consent. His father found a more suitable bride for him, and Prince George was forced to abandon Maria. Although they didn’t have their happily ever after, he referred to her as his beloved wife in his will.

Elizabeth Singer Rowe

Eighteenth-century British author had a lot of suitors. However, she fell for 13 years younger Thomas Rowe. She was 35, and he was only 22 when they married. Although he died five years later, their relationship was filled with joy and happiness. He was her biggest supporter, and she even included his poetry in her collections.

Mary Ann Evans

She was a famous Victorian author who wrote under the pseudonym George Eliot. Mary Ann lived with her young lover George Henry Lewes for decades, even though he was married with kids. After he died, she resumed her tradition of dating younger men. When she was 60 years old, she married John Cross, who was in his 40s at the time. While they were on their honeymoon, Cross, who suffered from depression, jumped from the hotel balcony into the Grand Canal. Surprisingly, he survived, but their marriage didn’t last because she died six months later.

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