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6 First Date Rules You Should Never Break

Dating can be stressful and confusing, especially if you haven’t been on the market for quite some time. Don’t worry; the rules haven’t changed that much, there are still some things you should and shouldn’t do on the first date. If you listen to those bad-date stories, you will probably hear that someone did something embarrassing or stupid, so try not to be one of those people. Anyways, here are some things you should know regardless of whether you are BBW dating rookie, an experienced cougar or something third.

Always be on time

Nothing makes a terrible first impression more than being late. It says that you don’t respect your date and don’t value their time, which is a huge minus. Even if you are stuck in traffic and you can’t be there on time, text your potential match with an apology and do it once again when you finally meet them.

Be polite to service people

If you don’t want to seem like an entitled and obnoxious person, never be rude to a waiter. Even if the service is awful, keep your mouth shut and then turn it into a funny anecdote.

Ask interesting questions

Don’t spend the whole night sitting there like you are a star of a silent black and white movie. Apart from answering your date’s questions, you should ask some smart, fun ones yourself. That way your potential match will know that you are interested in them. Otherwise, they might assume that you are bored and lose interest in you.

Don’t mention your medical history

Your colonoscopy isn’t the most suitable topic for the first date. Even if you had surgeries, broken bones or strange illnesses, make sure to save your medical history for later.

Or your ex

Unless your date asks you directly about your past lovers, don’t mention them at all. If you start talking about your ex, your potential match will probably assume that you are not over them, and your first date will probably be your last. Therefore, focus on the person who is sitting across from you and try to learn more about them.

Table manners matter

No one expects you to behave like royalty, but try not to chew with your mouth open nevertheless. Also, don’t have more than two drinks. Getting wasted on your first date most definitely means there won’t be the second one. Therefore, switch to water after two glasses of wine.

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