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This is a Starter Kit you need if you Want To Date A Cowboy

Although you don’t have to be a genuine cowgirl to date a cowboy, you still need to know how to act like one. So, before you start to buy boots, dresses, and cowboy hats, you should know it’s not all about fashion. Instead, you will need to possess a list of qualities (and some gadgets, too) if you want to dazzle that guy you’ve met through a cowboy dating service.

The world of denim

Every girl should have a great pair of jeans in her closet, and countrywomen are not the exception. If you want to pull off that country style, you will need to find a perfect pair of denim pants which will go well with your denim jacket.

A whiskey you love

Cowgirls know to handle their drinks, so you will need to find a whiskey you can actually drink without making a face every time you take a sip. We agree, not all of them are smooth, but since there are so many types of this alcoholic beverage, you will surely find at least one to your taste.

Whiskey stones

As you might know, whiskey is like revenge; it is best served cold. However, when you put ice in it, it just gets watered down, especially if it’s scorching hot outside. To prevent that, people have invented a convenient gadget called whiskey stones. These things don’t melt like ice and will keep your drinks nice and cool. You can drop a few of these stones in his glass when he starts complaining that his beverage is warm, and you will surely melt his heart.

A mean punch

We are not saying that you should be aggressive or feisty, but cowgirls are known for their ability to defend themselves. They are tough and strong, so you’d better start working on your right hook if you really want to impress a country guy.

Camping equipment

If you are dating a cowboy, you will spend a lot of nights camping and drinking by the lake. And even though he will undoubtedly have a spare sleeping bag that you can borrow, he will be genuinely impressed if you already have your own camping stuff. Therefore, make sure you get a tent, a good flashlight, a sleeping bag and a first aid kit.

Monogrammed flask

Cowboys love their bourbon, and he will surely be dazzled if you pour his favorite drink into your own, personalized flask. These things are easy to get, so buy one and get it monogrammed. You will thank us the next time you go partying or camping with your guy and his friends.

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