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Trans Dating 101: 4 First Date Rules You Have To Follow

If you decide to try transgender dating, a lot of people will tell you to treat your date just like you would treat any other woman. However, this advice is only partially good, since there are some things you simply cannot talk about with your potential match on your first date. If you still have no idea how you should act when you meet with your transgender date, we have some tips for you.

Plan ahead

It is very important to be prepared for your first date, especially if you know you will be nervous. The best strategy is to create backup plans for worst-case scenarios since it will allow you to have everything under control, no matter what happens. Consequently, knowing that you have everything covered will make you feel relaxed and more confident.

Your body says it all

It is important to smile and be charming on your first date because no right-minded woman wants to go out again with Mr. Negativity. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact and pay attention to what she says. Trust us, women know when you are really listening and when you are just pretending.

Behave like a gentleman

Do you know what all women have in common? They want to be treated like ladies, with dignity and respect. Women you meet on TG personals are no different whatsoever. So, instead of acting like an immature boy, rise to the occasion and show her what gentleman you really are. Open a car door for her, tell her that she looks beautiful, pull her chair and light her a cigarette if she smokes. Although a lot of guys think that acting all macho and cool will impress a girl, the truth is that polite men with great manners are the ones she takes home.

Don’t focus on her gender

You will probably have hundreds of questions for her, but save those that have anything to do with her gender for later. It is your first date, so you have no idea whether her transition is a sensitive topic. Therefore, keep the conversation light and talk about your mutual interests, favorite books, movies and career goals. Don’t mention her past, but rather focus on the future.

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