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5 Signs The Guy You Are Seeing Is A Complete Dud

Contrary to popular belief, not all cougars are looking for hot flings or one night stands. There are those who want to find something meaningful with someone special, it just happens that they have a taste for younger guys. When you meet someone new it is easy to get carried away and overlook some signs that are clearly telling you that you should move on. If you have met a guy on a free cougar dating site and you want to know whether your relationship will last, look at these following signs.

He is in touch with all of his exes

Having one ex he is chummy with isn’t such a big deal, but if he constantly in contact with all of his ex-girlfriends, be careful. Studies have shown that psychopaths like to keep their ex-lovers attached to them by giving them a little bit of attention every now and then.

Phone addict

You probably understand that members of the younger generation are glued to their phones. However, if it takes him hours to respond to your text but he always stares at the screen when you are together, dump him. You deserve someone who will give you his undivided attention. This kind of behavior is just rude and you really don’t need to put up with it.


If you have been talking about the future with your partner and you have realized that this guy is in his early 30s and has already been divorced two or three times, pack your bags. The constant in his failed relationships is him, so there is clearly something wrong with this guy, you just haven’t found what it is yet.

He brings out the worst in you

You are normally a strong and independent woman with a great sense of humor, but when you are with him, you become this nervous wreck of a woman. If you are not able to be yourself around him and he brings out the worst in you, move on to the greener pastures. A lot of guys want to meet cougars, so you can have your pick.

He is always too busy

He has to work, he is helping his friend move, watching a movie, playing sports, drinking with his buddies and what else not, and if he finds the time he will squeeze you into his schedule. Sorry, but if you are not one of his priorities, find someone who will feel lucky to have you.

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