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4 Qualities Cougars Want In A Younger Man

Older women – younger men relationships have been very popular in the recent years. But why are mature ladies so drawn to their juniors? Well, youth and appearance are factors, but if you think that you will dazzle these experienced ladies just with your six-pack and a killer smile, you are mistaken. If you want to meet a cougar, you will need to step up your game and prove you are not some immature frat guy who is all about playing mind games and drinking beer.

Be honest with her

Women value different things in men and honesty is one of the most important ones. If you are honest with her, she will know that she can trust you and lean on you in the time of need. Therefore, tell her everything that concerns the two of you, especially if it is bad. Trying to hide it from her will end up badly and can even lead to resentment

Don’t talk about her age

‘When you were in high school I was still in diapers’. Yes, this is the line every woman wants to hear right before she gets naked. You are familiar with sarcasm, right? Instead of acting like she is some old, fragile lady show her a good time and rock her world. After all, this is one of the reasons why she picked you. She is tired of older guys who are accustomed to sedentary lifestyle and want to spend most of their free time in front of a TV.

Give her compliments

When you learn more about her and her life, don’t be reluctant to compliment her achievements. Not only is it a good conversation starter but it also shows your admiration for her. Although cougars are hot women, they are also successful and want you to acknowledge it.

Have fun

Mature women want to date younger guys who are relaxed, have a good sense of humor, and like to have fun. The sense of humor is particularly attractive, so do your best to keep things light and have a good time. Although you will need to be serious when it matters, making her laugh and feel comfortable and youthful are the things that count the most.

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