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Telltale Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Unplanned pregnancies are not always a pleasant experience. Let’s say you got together with a guy from a single biker dating site, had one wonderful night together, but now you’re worried you might be pregnant. You’re searching for signs that might indicate your situation but are confused about what to look for. Here are some easy-to-spot early pregnancy signs that might make your life a whole lot easier.

Your Breasts

As early as 2 weeks after conception, your breasts may start showing symptoms of pregnancy. These signs include swelling, sensitivity to touch and a growth in size. Sometimes they even change texture, because the mammary glands swell up to prepare for the later production of milk, and they feel harder or ‘curdy’ on the inside.

So Tired

Many women complain of being overly tired and fatigued during the first months of pregnancy. Your blood sugar levels and your blood pressure drop in this period, and your progesterone levels skyrocket, making you feel sleepy all the time.

Cramps Down Under

Oftentimes you’ll have cramps in your uterus when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall. This can be accompanied by spotting or slight vaginal bleeding as an indicator of this process. It’s easy to differentiate from your usual period, because it doesn’t have to happen during your regular monthly cycle, and it only lasts for a little while.


One of the most well-known signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. Nausea can hit the person at any time of day (not just in the morning). This can lead to vomiting in some cases, but not necessarily. Morning sickness is partly due to the rise in estrogen levels, which makes your digestion slower.

Sensitivity to Smells and Tastes

Early pregnancy is usually accompanied by a heightened sense of smell. Women can become sensitive to different smells, such as cigarette smoke, perfume or even the smell of certain foods. Another symptom might be the sensitivity to some tastes. If you’ve been an avid coffee-drinker up until now, you might find that it doesn’t taste good anymore, or even in some cases, it will make you sick.

All in all, the best approach is to always be careful and use protection. Then you won’t need to worry about an unplanned pregnancy or the symptoms that come with it.

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