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Get Strong Nails in a Few Easy Steps

Keeping your nails pretty and strong is important for every woman. Be it short or long, people notice them and make an assumption about your personality based on how you present yourself in public. For example, you want to date a cowboy, but you’re not sure how to put yourself out there. Having beautiful and healthy nails can help boost your confidence and get you back in the game.

Drink Enough Water

It’s not just important for your overall health, drinking plenty of water can also help strengthen your nails, and make your cuticles and skin look nice and hydrated.

Stay Away From Too Much Water

Try to limit the amount of water exposure when you wash dishes or take a bath.

Cut Nails to Make Them Stronger

If your nails tend to be on the weaker side, try cutting them regularly to promote growth. This will make your nails stronger and prevent them from chipping or breaking.

Use Moisturizing Products

Get a couple moisturizing products for your hands and cuticles. Soft cuticles can be pushed back easily, so you won’t need to cut them which can be painful if done incorrectly. Your nails will also be less likely to peel or break if they’re regularly moisturized.

Soak Nails in Oil

You can easily give your nails a hydrating soak at home. Simply put them into olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil or tea tree oil and leave them soaking for about 10 minutes. Another practical way of pampering your nails is to put on a moisturizing glove during the night.

Avoid Chemicals

Be careful with cleaning products and detergent. Try to wear rubber gloves when you expose your hands to harmful chemicals that can dry them out.

Nails Are Not Tools

Don’t use your nails as tools. They are not meant to open soda cans or scratch lottery tickets. Keep them safe and protected from damage.

Limit the Remover

Nail polish remover can dehydrate your nails if used too often. Try to keep the use of remover to a minimum by helping your polish last longer. Do this by pushing back your cuticles and applying the polish in even layers.

Let Them Breathe

Take a break from putting on nail polish every once in a while to let your nails recover.

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