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4 Makeup Mistakes Every Cougar Should Avoid

If you have decided to get back on the market in your 40s and give younger guys a chance, you need to look your best. After all, you are competing with younger girls who have fewer wrinkles than you. However, you have some things they don’t! You are mature, you are an experienced and classy lady and you know what you want out of life. Those trades can be sexy as hell, just ask all those young studs who use cougar finder apps. However, you need to avoid some common makeup mistakes women your age make if you want to look great.

Sometimes less is more

A lot of older women want to cover up all wrinkles and dark spots on their faces, so they apply foundation like there’s no tomorrow. By doing this, they achieve the opposite effect since all that product clogs their pores and makes the flaws even more visible. The same happens when we apply several layers of concealer. Instead, we should apply a thin layer of mate foundation and invest in a good moisturizer.

Dark days are over

As we grow old, our lips start to shrink. Yes, we know, Mother Nature is cruel sometimes. Therefore, when we wear a dark lipstick, it creates an illusion that our lips are even smaller. This is surely something you would want to avoid, so we suggest you opt for bright colors such as peaches, pinks, and even nudes instead. Also, you need to realize that dark eyeliner doesn’t belong in your makeup kit anymore. It will draw attention to all those tiny wrinkles around your eyes and make you look ultra-drained.

The powder is a thing of the past

Your foundation and your powder can easily create a paste that will get clogged in your wrinkles and make them more visible. If you are still using powder as the finishing touch, now it’s time to stop. You can just blot your face with a tissue and you will be ready to go.

A blush is a must

Since we get paler with age, we need to apply a touch of blush to look fresh and healthy. However, make sure you choose shades that go well both with your skin tone and hair color.

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