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3 Dating Don’ts Every Girl Should Know about

Nowadays, dating sites are a perfect way to find love. They are easily accessible, often free, and you can quickly meet a lot of single guys who live in your area. Since there are a lot of niche dating sites, you can find specific groups of single people, such as disabled, cowboy, biker and even HIV singles. Although online dating can be fun and exciting, it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit precautious.

After all, many con artists use these sites to locate their targets and steal their money or even identities. Since it was always better to be safe than sorry, we recommend you keep your eyes open. No matter how cute and charming the guy you are talking to is, listen to that voice in your head that reminds you he is still a stranger. So, if you want to find love and avoid all those pitfalls of online dating, here are several guidelines you should follow.

Don’t fall for someone you’ve never seen

Most people lie online, and this is the ugly truth. While some of them only tell little white lies about their music preferences, their love of books or even appearance, others turn into Pinocchio and claim they are real boys (when they are old, nasty men who will sweet-talk you into giving them money).

So, you see, you cannot possibly know what your date is like before you meet them face to face. If you expect that everyone is completely honest online, you will end up disappointed. Therefore, before you let those butterflies in your stomach go wild, meet the guy you like in person and see whether your feelings will remain unchanged.

Don’t let them know where you live

We have all seen those romantic movies where a blind date picks up a girl at her house, but a stranger from the Internet really shouldn’t know where you live. Therefore, meet him someplace else and don’t let him walk you home, at least not on the first date. Speaking of homes, don’t go to his either. Although you might get laid, you might also end up on the news, so it’s your choice.

Don’t send nudes

First, if you start sending naked pics you will seem desperate and, well I’ll say it, slutty. Second, even if he initiates this kind of sexting, do you really want to send a picture of your boobs to a stranger? Keep in mind that you might wake up one day and see your twins on some dirty site. Do you really want to be that girl?

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