3 Signs Your Online Relationship Is Not as Perfect as You Thought

Every morning, you find a text on your phone saying ‘Good morning, beautiful’ and it makes your heart melt. You have finally found your Mr. Perfect on one of the biker dating sites and your life has been a fairytale ever since.

Okay, he lives in another city and you’ve never met in person, but he is the best guy you have ever dated. Or is he? Online dating can be tricky since you can easily fall for a shady guy who is not what he makes himself out to be. Don’t get us wrong; there are some great guys out there, but you need to be cautious and keep your eyes open for those players who are full of it.

So, if you have been dating this seemingly amazing guy for a few weeks and he uses some of these techniques, keep your guard up.

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He is so poetic and funny

His every joke cracks you up and he is so poetic. Every word he says sounds like it has been written by Shakespeare himself. Oh, wait, it has been written by Shakespeare! If it always (and we mean always) takes him several minutes to reply and then he says something incredibly romantic or funny, you may want to Google his texts. Chances are the guy you fell for lived in the 16th century.

He’s done everything

No wonder he sounds so amazing when he has done, well, everything. You mention exercising; he says he works out five times a week. You say you love to travel; he says he went backpacking through Europe. You tell him how you like photography; he announces he’s an expert photographer with a top-notch equipment. If he sounds too good to be true, he is probably far from perfect and is lying so that he would convince you that you have a lot of things in common.

He wants your relationship to be a secret

Couples these days love to put every part of their life on display and post about private things on social media. However, if your guy wants to keep your relationship hidden from the world altogether, that is a red flag as well. Don’t fall for his ‘I just want to lead a private life’ or ‘Our relationship is no one’s business’ kind of BS. No girl deserves to be treated that way, so perhaps you should consider calling it quits.

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