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4 Signs You Are Wasting Your Time with Him

If you decide to date again, it is paramount that you don’t waste your time on the guys that are wrong for you. Regardless of whether you are dating HIV singles, cowboys or bikers, there are a few clues that should give his intentions away. Therefore, if you notice some of these red flags, move on to the next guy, because this one is not a keeper.

He constantly talks to his ex

Even though they broke up, their relationship is clearly not over. If he is still in love with her, it will be very difficult for him to break the bond they created, so he will stay in touch with her any way he can. All in all, his heart clearly belongs to someone else, so go ahead and try to find a guy whose heart will beat only for you.

You are not yourself around him

Any time you try showing your true self to him, you catch him making weird faces at things you say and do. For instance, he thinks that your sense of humor is weird or that your laugh is annoying. If you feel the need to act differently when you are around him, maybe it is time you call it quits.

You don’t know much about him

You know what his favorite restaurant is and that he is allergic to shellfish since you’ve already been on several dates. However, you realize that you don’t know almost anything about his life. Every time you go out, you do most of the talking and he just answers your questions without opening himself up to you. If you don’t know anything about his job, his family or his personal interests, it might be possible he is not that into you.

He told you he is not looking for anything serious

Yes, this one is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you are like most women out there, you have probably ignored this fact hoping that he will change his mind somewhere along the way. Stop trying to turn this frog into your Prince Charming. He already told you he doesn’t want a relationship, so if you want to find a real commitment, you are barking up the wrong tree.

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