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4 Types of Guys Plus Size Ladies Should Avoid at All Costs

As one of the BBW singles, I have often heard I should lower my standards and give everyone a chance if I ever want to find love. Because big girls can’t be choosers, right? Although I recommend you don’t become too judgy (hey, no one’s perfect), you should still stick to your standards and not settle for anything less than you deserve. And even though I can’t tell you who your perfect guy is, I can sure as hell tell you that he shouldn’t be one of the fellows on the list. Therefore, if you happen to run into some of these guys, turn around and run like the wind, ladies!

Mr. Chauvinistic Pig

You will never be good enough for him, not because you are plus size but because you have a vagina between your legs. He will treat you like crap and never respect your opinion because you are not a man and he will even try to control you. So, unless it is your New Year’s resolution to be someone’s doormat, stop believing the stuff he tells you and send him packing. You are a strong, independent woman so don’t let some douchebag control your life.

Mr. Player

I have to warn you, this guy looks amazing, says all the right words and is charming as George Clooney himself. However, he also has the roving-eye syndrome and will flirt with anything that walks on two legs. It doesn’t matter if you are pretty, fabulous, extremely funny or smart, he will still behave like a dog in heat. I know he is good looking, but you need to be with someone who will have eyes only for you!

Mr. Jealous

At first, this behavior will be cute. He will be jealous because you said hi to an old friend and, I won’t lie to you, it will make you feel special, sexy and desirable. However, in time things will get worse and eventually you will be dating a guy who gets pissed off because it took you too long to ask the bus driver for directions.

Mr. Workaholic

Yes, he will be able to buy you fancy gifts and take you out to nice restaurants, well, when he has time for it. His job is always a priority so don’t be surprised if you eat most of those romantic dinners alone.

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