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4 Types of Outdoor Activities Every Cowboy Wants to Enjoy with His Girlfriend

Cowboys and men from the countryside are well known for being adventurous fellas who love spending time in nature. That said, it’s really no surprise that most single cowboys want to find themselves a woman who will enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities with them. However, considering how challenging nature can be in the country, this is not an easy task. In any case, here are the 4 types of outdoor activities every country boy wants to enjoy with his girlfriend.


If you ask any male member of a cowboy dating service what his number one outdoor activity is, there’s a good chance that he’ll say camping. These fellas simply love sleeping in the woods. They say it makes them feel more connected to Mother Nature. They usually do this with their friends, but most of them would like to enjoy camping with beautiful women. That’s why every country boy wants to find a girl who wouldn’t mind going camping with him and experience nature in this rather unique way.


We will admit it, fishing can sometimes be boring, but only if you’re fishing with the wrong people. This wonderful activity is a chance for two people to find peace and enjoy some alone time with each other. Most single cowboys believe that there is nothing better than spending an entire day by the river with your loved one.


At first, this probably seems like a terrible plan, right? Taking a girl in the woods and placing a rifle in her hands is not something most people would consider to be a good way to spend time with a girlfriend in nature. However, try to look at the hunting trip as a sort of a test for a cowboy’s girlfriend. These men are only interested in dating adventurous and brave women, and if a girl they are seeing shows that she’s good at hunting, she will be considered as a good match.


Hiking is an outdoor activity that most people in the world enjoy, but cowboys are probably the best at it. They know the trails better than anyone and they know how to survive in the woods if something goes wrong. Also, they know how to find the best and most wonderful views and want to experience these intimate and beautiful moments with their significant other. They love these long walks through the woods because it gives them time to really get to know their woman. Much like hunting, hiking can also be considered as a sort of a matchmaking test, but unlike hunting, this is much more peaceful and pleasant.

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