You've Found your Western Match

5 Signs You’ve Found your Western Match

Even though cowboys are one of the most recognizable symbols of the U.S., it’s not that common to hear that someone found a Western match. This is the case because hardly anyone has the motivation or initiative to leave their city life behind to go and try cowboy dating.

However, those who have tried it know that there are certain benefits of being in a relationship with a cowboy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 most giveaway signs that you have actually found the perfect cowboy for you.

1. Calling you Ma’am

Cowboys have always been known for their immense sense of romance and the fact that they’re seldom missing a chance to be true gentlemen. That said, they will address almost all women with ma’am, but will only call their special lady a ma’am with some extra of that cowboy flare.

There’s no better feeling than you man giving you the ol’ tip o’ the hat and responding with “yes, ma’am” in a low voice after you tell him to get milk and eggs on his way home. It’s right there and then that you’ll know this guy is really into you.

2. He won’t Dance with Anyone Else

Dancing is a favorite activity of almost all single cowboys out there and a very popular activity among those who are in a relationship. However, if your cowboy wants to dance with you and you only, then you’re probably looking at a keeper.

As part of their lifestyle as gentlemen, wooing ladies through square dancing is a regular part of a cowboy’s behavior. Therefore, if he refuses to dance with anyone except you means that he’s really, really into you.

3. Showering you with Flowers

Another common thing that cowboys do in the goal of being true gentlemen is bringing flowers to women, regardless of whether we’re talking about their girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters or female friends. But, if your cowboy is bringing you flowers all the time, with or without any occasion, he’s most likely doing it because he believes that you’re there to stay.

Flower-bringing was always a staple of romance, but for cowboys, it’s just normal. Still, they won’t hesitate to present a beautiful bouquet to their special girl every day if they’re serious about being with her, which is why this one of the clearest signs that you’ve found your perfect Western match.

4. Teaching you about the Cowboy Culture

While you might think you know a lot about cowboys, the way they live and behave might be a bit different than the things you saw in westerns and pop culture. For this reason, if a cowboy intends staying in a relationship with you, he’ll likely share everything about his culture with you instead of letting you think he’s that guy that likes wrestling cattle and yelling “Yippee-kay-yay” all the time.

The cowboy culture is as important to your cowboy boyfriend as it is for American history. Once you’ve come across the right country guy, it won’t be long before he starts letting you know that not all of them wear spurs and that sometimes even they like listening to Britney Spears instead of Dolly Parton.

5. Non-Stop Romantic Dates

Finally, as the ultimate indicator that you’ve found the right cowboy boyfriend for yourself, he’ll take you on a plethora of romantic dates that involve various activities – all in the goal of wooing you until you’re 100% in love with him.

As we’ve stated numerous times here, cowboys know romance. They’re true gentlemen that know how to treat a woman right, so much so that they’re not afraid they’ll lose their manly status by taking their girlfriend to a series of romantic dates.

Many guys know how to be romantic, however, only a cowboy knows how to make romantic dates a sort of a habit for himself and his girlfriend – which we’re sure many ladies will know how to appreciate.

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