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6 Hacks For A Natural Makeup Look

When it comes to dating a cowboy, you should keep in mind that these guys are huge fans of the so-called natural look. It is actually a huge perk of going out with a country boy; you don’t need to wear uncomfortable heels, tight dresses or cover your face with a ton of makeup when you are meeting him. Instead, old jeans, a T-shirt and natural makeup look will do the trick. For your next date with your Western match, try out these beauty tips and we guarantee that your date will be dazzled by your look.

Take care of your skin

If you want to nail the natural look, you need to have a good base. Therefore, clean your ‘canvas’ before you put any makeup on. Also, you should switch to lighter moisturizers during the summer so you can survive those hot days.

Avoid heavy foundation

You should use a product which will help even out your skin tone while keeping it glowy and light. Therefore, choose a water-based foundation instead if those powder-based ones. It will move with your skin, making it look fresh, clean and healthy.

Shadows are important

Most ladies apply the concealer all over the under-eye area. However, if you are going for that natural look, you should only use it in the inner corner of your eyes and in the deepest hollow of your under eyes, rather than applying it all the way up to your eyelashes. That way you will maintain the shadow that your bottom lashes create and avoid that ‘flat’ look.

Forget about contour

Heavy contour can look extremely unnatural, so use a slightly gray shade of blush which will give your face that sophisticated look. Apply it with an angled blush brush to the apples of the cheeks and along the cheekbones.

Define your eyes

Instead of using an eyeshadow, use that same blush you applied to your cheeks. Then subtly line your eye with liquid eyeliner and lay the tip on the lashes as you draw. This way you will emphasize your eyes without applying too much makeup on them, thus maintaining that natural look.

Fill in your brows

Your natural brows have some fine gaps, so don’t fill them in completely. Otherwise, they will start looking a little fake. Instead, create fine strokes in the hair-growth direction.


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