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How To Date A Cowboy In 3 Easy Steps

Not sure if you’re the right type of girl to date a cowboy? We’d be glad to help you find out whether you have what it takes to be someone’s cowgirl. Brace yourself because this is no easy feat. You’ll have to get a little dirty as you show your love for animals on your hiking, camping or fishing trip, or whatever it is that he likes to do after a long week at the farm.

Step 1: Get Down and Dirty

Your western match is pretty skilled at getting down and dirty, and you should be too. Girls who shy away from a little rain so it doesn’t mess up their hair should probably look for a different sort of date. But if your hair, makeup and shoes are the least of your worries, you’d be perfect for a cowboy’s date. Cowboys are very handy, responsible guys who respect hard work and old-fashioned values. Their hands may be dirty, their hats may be dusty, but they certainly clean up well, and their bodies are made of steel as they actually use those muscles. All your expensive gym memberships won’t do you any good if you don’t have enough strength to spend every waking hour outside, taking part in numerous outdoor and sports activities that cowboys love so much. Simply put, roll up those sleeves (or better yet, lose your shirt), and get ready for a mud fight if you want to win over a cowboy.

Step 2: Embrace the Outdoors

He’ll fall head over heels for you if you’re the type of girl who’s into country dating, and willing to trade candlelight for campfire and city lights for starlight. Not to mention, he’s obviously going to make that campfire himself faster than you can say the Grand Canyon. Also, you won’t have to worry about getting lost in the woods because your cowboy knows how to navigate using the stars. You can also go ahead and delete that weather app because he can read the skies better than any meteorologist. Oh, and did we mention he has that sexy rugged thing going on all time? Yummy…

Step 3: Share Your Love for Animals

Obviously, cowboys are great animal lovers, but it’s a different kind of love compared to the modern, vegan-like kind. All that vegan mumbo jumbo is not going to fly with a cowboy because they use animals for a certain purpose. Cowboys are crazy about the two- and four-legged creatures, are very skilled at handling them, but know quite well that farm animals are not pets, and are primarily used as a source of food. You better be a true animal lover who does not shy away from rolling around on the ground with dogs, feeding chickens, and obviously riding horses. If your horseback riding skills are not something you’re particularly proud of, what a great tutor a cowboy would make! Plus, how else would you justify buying those awesome cowboy boots?

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