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Finding Your Happily Ever After: 3 Dating Rules Disabled Singles Should Follow

Looking for love, although fun and exciting, is often stressful and overwhelming too. When you are disabled, things get even more complicated. However, once all is done and you are holding someone you love in your arms, you forget about the painful road that led you there. But, in order to find someone special you need to kiss a couple of frogs and go on several bad dates. Luckily, with free disabled dating sites now you can immediately meet singles who don’t see your handicap; they see you as a person with all your qualities and flaws. This kind of dating can save you a lot of trouble and help you find your match a lot faster. Nevertheless, you need to follow several simple rules.

Your heart works just fine

The disposition for romantic love depends on many other things that have nothing to do with your physical condition. For a healthy relationship, things like loyalty, kindness, understanding, forgiveness and a good sense of humor are those that really matter. Therefore, don’t let your bodily limitations stop you from enjoying your life and finding the person of your dreams.

Be aware of your limitations

When it comes to planning your dates, you need to be realistic. Although love can make you feel drunk, don’t let it cloud your judgment. Therefore, be honest with yourself and your partner about the limitations a handicap might bring to a relationship. It is perfectly fine if you want to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and try new things, but always be realistic about your abilities.


To have a healthy relationship, every couple needs to keep communication channels open at all times. When you have a handicap, you need to be able to openly discuss the physical challenges with your partner and let them know about your abilities, limitations, and boundaries. Although it can be a little awkward to talk about a disability at first, not talking about it at all will make things far worse. Give them time to get acquainted with your disability and answer their questions, no matter how stupid they might seem to you. In other words, don’t ignore the pink elephant in the room and be open with your significant other.

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