biker match

Forget Banker Dating! Bikers Are The New “It” Boys [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the sea of numerous dating niches, biker dating sure sticks out for more reasons than one. First off, they’re off the grid and don’t care much for staying in all the time, hooked to their computers, phones or any other devices that interfere with actually living life instead of texting about it. Second, when you find your biker match that is smitten with you like an adolescent boy, you can rest assured that you’ve got a partner for the long-term, which can’t be said of just any subgroup of singles out there. For these reasons and many others, we review why bikers are the latest “it” boys on the block, and why you need to consider dating in this niche even if you are not a biker chick yourself.

biker match

#1:  Bikers Are Loyal

If you value loyalty in relationships, look no further than biker men. Bikers may enjoy their favorite activity, riding away into the unknown, all by their lonesome, but in general bikers are fairly social creatures who live in groups and highly appreciate their clubs, associations and any places really where they socialize, including that local burger joint down the road. They don’t change their friends as often as they change the oil on their bikes, and the same goes for their romantic partners. If they fall for you, they’ll fall hard, and go to the ends of the Earth to make you happy. If this sounds about right to you, joining a few motorcycle clubs in your area is the logical next step in your search for a date.

#2: Bikers Are Outdoorsy

In this day and age where everyone is stuck behind a computer all day long, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a boyfriend who would rather take you outside (not necessarily out) than stay in. Bikers tend to spend every waking hour either fixing or riding their bikes, and expect you to join them every chance you get. In addition to going on joy rides, you’ll go on a lot of fishing, camping and BBQ trips with his buddies and their ladies, and if you’re not an outdoorsy type per se, now would be a good time to brush up on (or acquire) your girl scout skills. Not that biker men have anything against binge-watching your favorite TV show to no end on the weekend, but they’d much rather be outside with you, so you better get used to that idea, rain or shine.

#3: Bikers Are Modest

Paying the bills and maintaining the bikes are pretty much the only costs that bikers are willing, and often able, to pay. They are usually a modest bunch that doesn’t splurge on pricey vacations, high-end dinners or expensive gadgets. What this means for you is that you should not expect any luxurious gifts as bikers are seldom money-driven, ambitious creatures looking to make big bucks. You won’t be expected to pay for anything, but you will be expected to drive every once in a while if the two of you are taking the car as that car will in all likelihood be yours anyway.

#4: Bikers Are Handy

If you happen to meet local bikers and find your perfect match among them, you’ll quickly realize how convenient your new situation is. Chances are, your biker is rather handy and you won’t have to call in someone to help out around the house ever again. A leaky pipe? Your biker’s got it. The trees in the backyard need trimming? His buddies will be over on Saturday as long as there is beer and, whether permitting, BBQ or homemade burgers. Your mechanic might have been on your speed dial, but you won’t be needing that number anymore so you can go ahead and delete it. Your friends are moving? Your biker’s crew to the rescue. We could do this all day, but you get the point. There is plenty of reasons why your biker is likely to turn out to be the best boyfriend ever.

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