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Time Is Changing And So Is The Dating Game

Time is changing and so is the dating game. If you want to meet someone then social media is an unavoidable part and gives you a sneak-peak into the life of a person. You are better able to judge some things about them. If you have also tried your hand at dating then you would know how hard it is to go out there to meet a stranger and look for a potential partner in them.

Apps like Tinder and OkCupid which promise to make to meet your soulmate are running on the concept of online dating. Swiping left and right and finding your match is all great but after a point, you have to meet the person if everything goes well. First dates are always tricky but worry not, these tips which are mentioned below will take some burden off you and be of some help. Go ahead and read these:

Things to keep in mind while going on an online blind date

Meet at an open place

meet at an open place

The most basic thing to keep in mind is that never agree to meet at a secluded place. It’s better to be safe. You are meeting this person for the first time don’t risk your safety. Meet at a decent place where there is a good crowd.

Dress up wisely

dress up wisely

Since it is your first date and you want to focus more on getting to know the person it is necessary to dress up nicely and comfortably. Don’t wear a revealing dress on your first meeting.

Decline the invitation to visit their place

If the person invites you to his place on the first date then it is quite evident what they really want out of this meeting. Politely decline by saying it will be late or be upfront if you want to.

Be the conversation flag-bearer

be the conversation flag-bearer

Be the one who is initiating the conversation. This way you would be able to ask questions which matter to you. This is the best way of getting to know a person.

Note the body language

note the body language

Keep a tab on the body language of the guy. Body language tells you things which a person is trying to hide. Look at their eyes and how they are conveying their thoughts to you and you will get an idea.

Always have a plan B

always have a plan B

If due to some reason you are not enjoying the date then always have a Plan B to your rescue. Ask your friend to call you in an hour and if you want to leave then make up an emergency saying your friend needs you.

Try fun activity to keep it interesting

If you want to have fun then go for some fun activity or go for a movie. You can talk in the interval and go for lunch afterward.

These are some tips which come handy while you are going on an online date. Follow these ladies, and you will be safe from all the tings and boring stuff.

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