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Top 3 Places to Meet Christian Singles

Even though most people wouldn’t easily imagine Christianity and dating having a common ground, finding single people that follow the word of the Lord is much easier nowadays than it used to be. A great example comes in the form of Christian dating sites (which we’ll discuss in-depth a bit later), which have shown exponential growth in the last couple of years.

But if you think about it, there aren’t so many locations where one might come across Christians that are single and ready to mingle. In that regard, here are the top 3 places to meet Christian singles.

1. Dating Websites

If we were to pinpoint the most efficient, accessible and modern solution for finding single people of the Christian faith, we’d have to pick dating websites. If we’re being completely honest, this is probably the best place to find them, even though some of you might not be fans of digital dating.

Dating sites are the best place to find Christian singles due to one simple reason – every single person (except a very small minority) has registered an account there in the purpose of finding a dateor even a partner.

It doesn’t get more straightforward than this and, furthermore, there isn’t a place that sets up the playing field as well as Christian dating websites. Still, seeing as not everyone is into online dating, there are some pretty great alternatives out there.

2. Book Clubs

Book clubs can be a really good place to find Christians that are on the lookout for a partner – if you know where to look. Basically, instead of joining a fantasy, sci-fi or horror book club, look for one that explores novels of the drama, crime and religious genre.

It’s common knowledge that die-hard Christians aren’t very big fans of fantasy books, they won’t acknowledge that sci-fi stories or movies are anything more than a person’s imagination and the horror genre is generally repulsive to them.

On the other hand, if a Christian has to join a book club, he or she will usually pick one that focuses on love stories, crime thrillers, religiousand spiritual revelations. This kind of reading material is what fits a Christian lifestyle the most, therefore this is where you should look for Christian singles.

3. Humanitarian Events

If we’re talking about real, hardcore Christians, there a very good chance you’ll meet plenty of them at some sort of humanitarian event. Christianity promotes the idea of giving and sharing – and who needs that more than the poor?

Start visiting charity fairs and donation dinners that focus on helping out the homeless or pretty much anyone that has it worse than most of us. We promise you’ll come across many single Christians that want to give more than anything, so chances are they’re also willing to give their time and energy to someone interesting enough.

Also, if you run out of luck in this type of situation, at least you’ll have a chance to do something good for someone else in the meantime, which is also a good thing.

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