Top Six Most Bizarre Fetishes

It’s A Weird World: Top Six Most Bizarre Fetishes

Not everyone loves same things in the bedroom. Some people like to spice things up with latex, role playing, spanking and what not. While we accepted most of the fetishes, some of them are still bizarre to us.

Many people have weird fetishes which most people can’t imagine to be arousing. If you don’t know what does fetish mean, let us explain. It is a sexual fixation on a nonliving thing or nongenital body part. Here is our list of the weirdest fetishes out there.


There are many types of fetishes, and this is definitely one of the most bizarre. Many people had a teddy bear when they were little, but only some of the adults are sexually aroused by these stuffed animals. Most individuals are very private when it comes to this fetish, but some are open and proud about it. For example, Charles Marshall from Ohio was arrested not one, but four times (!) for having sex with a teddy bear in public. Talking about bear necessities…


Ok, many girls are attracted to bad boys. It has always been like that. But hybristophilia takes that attraction one step further. These people get off by interacting with rapists, murderers, armed robbers… You get the picture. If you were wondering from what kind of people criminals in prison get all that fan mail, now you know.


These people love their bugs. The formicophiliacs are aroused by having insects crawl over their body. If the bug gives them the occasional bite, they get even more turned on. Some formicophiliacs may even place insects in various bodily openings as they experience sexual pleasure from the insects trying to escape. Hmm, I wonder if they like listening to the Beatles.


When most people see a rotting carcass or a road kill they turn their head the other way, get disgusted or noxious. But mysophiliacs love to see rotting flesh and even get aroused by it. The more decayed and smelly the better. I guess the Walking dead is like porn to them.


These people take the “Who’s your mamma” to the next level. When we think about babies, we imagine something innocent and cute, and diapers are meant for infants and some seniors. But autonepiophiliacs have another thing in mind. They love to dress up as babies (nappies and all) and to be cuddled by their partner as they were a baby. They even soil themselves so their partner has to change them and speak in gibberish. Almost 15,000 Americans are considering themselves autonepiophiliacs.


These people get sexual pleasure from feces. They get excited by either watching somebody defecate on somebody else or they themselves defecating on somebody else. The most infamous copraphiliac was allegedly Adolf Hitler.

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